Sex in the morning is the sweetest; you will often hear people say this. According to health experts, in the wee hours of the morning, the testosterone levels in a man is always high – having collected throughout the night. Meaning, at that time, they are sufficiently energetic to offer excellent sexual performance that, as a woman, you would want to miss.

Adding a little spice to this moment can make the entire sex play a highly memorable one – always wanting it more. This page has the exact tips you need to do it properly. Keep reading to find out more.

Give it a wake-up call with a romantic melody

The default alarm could be irritating. Instead, it can make both of you couples feel like it is work time again. So what’s the trick over this, change your alarm tone. Let it be that sweet romantic music, which reminds you that it is time to feel each other, to look into each others’ eyes, and hold tightly.

For iDollars, still, the melody should remind you that your sweet torso sex doll or any other is waiting for your fully erected manhood. If you have one of the best TPE or silicone sex dolls, then it is even better; at least you will feel all the warmth they have and feel their soft skin.

Boost your lust

Before the man wakes up, as a woman moves closer to him and take a whiff of him. A research study by the University of Pennsylvania, the natural scent of a man before having the morning bath, boosts women’s libido. So as a man, do not wake up, rush to the bathroom, thinking that you smell terrible – it will be a sex charm to get your woman in the mood.

Lights off

Sex in the dark can be quite enjoyable. From sleep, both of you do not want to see that bright light shipping up your faces. You both want to feel each other and nothing more. Hence always ensure your bedroom lights are off and curtains closed too.

Use Sex lubricants

While your partner is still half asleep, you can do a smooth massage on your genitals to turn them on. In the case of men, it will be much more comfortable, especially if they go to bed naked. Women can always apply some ointment on your hands and massage it on the penis. A woman will have to use some on to herself as well before the man wakes up. All these would work for either of the female or male sex dolls.

Bath together

Bathing together is quite romantic. The two of you can choose to go to the bathroom maybe after the first shot. You can choose to share a bathtub at one moment or use a double head shower. From any of these platforms, you can make each moment romantic by embracing each other, touching, kissing, and hugging as well.


Morning intimacy introduces high levels of oxytocin, a hormone responsible for the ‘feel-good’ feeling. Starting your day feeling good gives you the positive energy to perform better. It is only fortunate that even those who use various types of sex dolls can still enjoy the same. If not sex toys, a more realistic sex doll will always give the best sexual experience, not only in the morning.

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