If I had to take a blind guess then I would wager that the name – Morning Star Club – is simply something the Asian creators of the site thought to be a cool English name. What I mean by that is that quite often you’ll see an Asian company with an English name that seems to have no bearing on the actual product or service they offer. Sometimes the name is a collection of Words that hardly makes sense.

Heaven Champion Noodle Company and shit like that. Quite amusing really.

In this case, this site is about Asian bukkake. Petite slanty eyed beauties getting their face creamed and mouths filled with cum while sucking, tossing and getting fucked in orgy scenes.

It is quite arousing and perhaps that is the closes it will come to resembling Venus in any way and perhaps we can manufacture an intent on the play of the naughtiness of it to be sinful, therefore devilish and make the connection to the devil via the morning star.

What isn’t far-fetched though is this instant $10 off deal on Morning Star Club.

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